Christian Education

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Bible Study Classes

Now that you’re a Christian, what’s next?

The life of a Christian is built on the foundation of the Word of God. The Bible Study courses in City Harvest Church help you understand biblical principles and teach you how to apply them in your daily life.

Start your journey with one of these 6-week courses today!

*Please note, every person begins with Getting Started and moves chronologically through each course.

I. Getting Started

In this module, we want to introduce the new believer to the basics of the Christian faith. You will learn about God’s Plan for Salvation as accomplished by Jesus and our response to His plan. The new believer will also be introduced to the Person of the Holy Spirit and Father God. You will also understand the significance of Water Baptism and Baptism in the Holy Spirit.

II. Christian Lifetsyle 1 Devotion (6 lessons)

The pursuit of God is the whole purpose of life. The Christian lifestyle is one of ever deepening devotion to God. We will look into the Scriptures and learn how a Christian should relate to God on a daily basis. How do you come into God’s presence? Once you are in His presence, how should you commune with the Lord Jesus? This module will answer all these questions.

III. Christian Lifestyle II – DNA (6 lessons)

This is the second part of a two-part module. It expands on the biblical DNA of City Harvest Church in greater depth, from the Word of God. What is your mission in life? What is the primary purpose of Christ, and therefore the goal of a Christian? How should you live for Jesus? How could you become more like Him? How should you serve Him, especially in the context of a local church?


City Harvest Training Center (Coming Soon)

Our desire to dream is a gift from God!

This gift enables us to have a vision that guides our existence. For too many of us though, the dream has been quashed by religious thinking, dismissed by false humility or snuffed out by failure. Although some of us are exhilarated by our dreams (and rightly so), many of us are scared, confused or stressed out as we try to figure out how to make them happen. But the purpose God has for you is too glorious to go unfulfilled.

For each CHTC student, the dream looks different. Studying with us might actually be your dream (for now), or it could be a journey of wholly realizing what God’s purpose is for your life. Studying with us could be a time to build the skills you need to achieve that dream or maybe you’ll be connected with the very people who will help transition the dream into reality.

Whatever your situation looks like, you can be confident in our commitment to making the dream happen.