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Capturing the Vision

Here at City Harvest Church we believe media is a great way to take church life with you everywhere you go! In doing so, you can be encouraged daily, constantly grow, and have encounters with God anytime. Whether you’re listening to one of our weekly sermons, watching testimonies from different members, catching up on Midweek Minutes, or simply keeping up to date through our Harvest Highlights, our goal is to capture the vision of City Harvest Church through media and make it accessible as you go about your daily life. As a result, this paves the way for God to speak to you, help you grow, and transform you so that you can live the live He has destined you to live.

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Audio Podcast

Capture the vision and tune into previous sermon audio podcast.

Harvest Highlights Annoucements

Through Harvest Highlights our aim is to keep everyone informed and up to date with all our awesome and exciting events! Stay in the loop during our Sunday services. If you happen to miss a week you can always go back and see them on any of our social media platforms.


Midweek Minute Series

We know that keeping up with weekly routines and responsibilities can sometimes be hard. Here at City Harvest you’ll find our Midweek Minutes to be a dose of refreshing and encouraging messages to help you as you go about your week.


Member Testimonies