What is your name and where are you from?

My name is Sarah. I was born in Palm Springs, CA but I grew up in LA/Orange County (we moved around a lot because my dad was in the military). I currently reside in Lake Forest, CA.

Please describe your background

I was raised by my dad. My mom was in and out of my life growing up. I have 7 siblings total (all ½ siblings, and 1 step sibling). Most of them are a great deal older than me, and as a result I did not grow up with them. I have lived in Orange County since I was in the 5th grade. I went to Cal State Fullerton and graduated in 2011. A year later I got my teaching credential. My education did not stop there, though. I attended a Bible School called Lionsgate Leadership and Missions institute in 2013. Part of the requirement for graduating was to complete a 5 month internship in the mission field. My internship took place in Singapore, there I worked with a dance school to teach classes to children. I completed my internship and graduated from Lionsgate in 2014. That same year I went back to teaching in Orange County and I got planted at City Harvest Church. I am currently the director for the Harvest Kidz ministry. In September of 2017, I transitioned to a new position and began teaching Little Big Pre-School.

List one experience you’ve shared in as a volunteer that started it all for you, or resonates with you the most.

As a teacher for Harvest Kidz, there are many experiences that have impacted me. For me, it has been amazing to see the growth of all the children these last couple of years. I have enjoyed seeing them learn the word of God and encounter God in worship services. I have loved seeing the kids dance in the presence of the Lord when they worship and just being so free. Being a part of the kids life and witnessing the experiences they share with God has been awesome.

If you had the entire world’s attention, and new that every living person on Earth would hear you, what would you say?

If I had the world’s attention I would say “You matter. You matter to God and you are valuable. God created you in His image, so He sees great value in you. He loves you very much. Don’t let anyone tell you different.”

If you were brand new to volunteering what is one thing you would tell yourself?

If I were brand new to volunteering I would tell myself that when you serve you are doing it for God. You are not doing it to please people, but you do it because of the love you have for God.

What led you to get involved in volunteering and what made you stay?

I have a heart for the children. I felt God tugging on my heart to help out in the kids ministry. I stayed because I genuinely feel it’s my purpose to raise up leaders in the next generation. I have a heart for the children. I love being able to teach them and help them learn about God and develop a relationship with Him. I know the God is the only person that can change a person’s life and we need to start by teaching our kids the word of God at a young age.

How has your life been impacted through volunteering?

My life has been impacted by serving in Harvest Kids because I get to be a part of raising up the next generation and see the kids grow in their pursuit of Jesus. Being a part of this ministry has given me a clear vision for what God has for me in my life and what my purpose is.

Discuss how you have grown as a person because of SERVING?

My life has grown by being a volunteer because it has challenged me to go deeper in my relationship with God. I know that I can’t give anything unless I myself have been filled. As I continue to get more of God in my life then I can give more  to the kids I teach. I have also grown in how I communicate with others, whether it be to resolve conflicts or working with others to plan events. Being a part of this ministry has allowed me to grow in many ways.

How do you see yourself helping others through SERVING in the near future?

I see myself helping others through volunteering by giving others the opportunity to serve in ministry, whether that be in Harvest Kidz or any other ministry that would suit them best. I have been so blessed by serving in the house of God, I want to share that blessing with others.

In your own words describe the heart behind the ministry.

Because we love God our desire is to serve and take care of His house. When we serve we are also loving people because each week we have people come to church and things don’t run without volunteers. As we serve we take our eyes off ourselves and focus on God.