What is your name and where are you from?

Hi, my name is Ethan Dunn! I was born in Singapore and moved to the U.S when I was 8 years old.

Please describe your background

I grew up as the oldest of three children, and I am the only boy. My mom and dad put me in an international school so that I was familiar with different cultures. Growing up, my dad was one of the head pastors of a very big church in Singapore. Thus, I was very well raised in the teachings of the faith. This helped me be who I am today as I go through high school.

List one experience you’ve shared in H-Gen that started it all for you, or resonates with you the most.

H-Gen connect groups are a great place for the youth to come together. One experience that was exponentially impactful was when Pastor Derek came to preach. He really gave the youth an annointing to pray for one another and be the community God wants us to be. We always have fun at connect, but that’s not all we do!

If you had the entire world’s attention, and knew that every living person on Earth would hear you, what would you say?

If I had the world’s attention I would tell everyone to always put others before yourself. In many occasions people hurt others because they only think of themselves.

If you were brand new to H-Gen what is one thing you would tell yourself?

If I was brand new to H-Gen, I would tell myself to be relaxed and open. Everyone in the connect group is there to be a community that builds others up, not to tear them down.

What led you to get involved in H-Gen and what made you stay?

I was actually the first H-Gen in the connect group as my parents were the pastors. Besides this, I wanted to build a strong community of young people to help and encourage them.

How has your life been impacted through H-Gen ?

H-Gen has impacted my life through the constant uplifting and encouraging that exists. Adam and Lace are always there to listen to what’s wrong and continue to give us encouraging messages everyday in and out of connect groups.

Discuss how you have grown as a person because of  H-Gen?

Thanks to the Connect Groups both my knowledge and understanding of God’s word has improved. I am now able to look at a situation and see God’s intention. Also, H-Gen connect group is a real and honest place where I can get feedback on my walk with God.

How do you see yourself helping others through H-Gen in the near future?

Through H-Gen, we can take in all the youth who need someone to lean on. We all need someone to go to and to be encouraged by, and that is what my goal is in this ministry. I aim to keep growing in my own walk with God, so I may help those who are struggling.

In your own words describe the heart behind the ministry.

The heart behind H-Gen is to reach out and foster the lost. The community, the leaders, and the youth are always ready to make new friends and to reach out to those who need encouragement.