What is your name and where are you from?

Hi, my name is Megan Casey! I was born and raised in Downey, CA.

Please describe your background

I grew up in a single parent home with my mom and two sisters; my younger sister Hannah and my older sister Kimberly. I was raised in a very “hippy” environment. Alcohol and marijuana use, were almost a must when it came down to family parties. My family believed in Jesus but never shared or spoke of Him. In 2011, I was the first person in my family to graduate from college. If I could say one thing about my family, it would be that because of them, I learned to plow and push through with determination and undeniable belief to do new things. I remember a particular instance where I cried out to God. I was in a tough situation, and I cried out to God to show Himself real to me. It was at that moment that I had an encounter with the Holy Spirit in my car. He washed away my fear and my pain. It was then that I decided to make a decision to obey God and follow Him to Orange County. In 2013, I went to bible college, learned the ways of God and was trained in His word. Since 2013 I have planted myself in City Harvest Church. Fast forward to 2017, and you see my family coming to the feet of Jesus. They as well, got themselves planted at CHC and are now living a life with Jesus at the center.

List one experience you’ve shared in our connect group that started it all for you, or resonates with you the most

The Connect Group for me personally, has shifted my life to really “connect’ with people within the body. The relationships I developed helped me get closer to the Father and realize that at any age, at any place, any person can bless you. I was really able to see intimacy and depth in my relationships, something that is hard to develop on Sundays.

If you had the entire world’s attention, and knew that every living person on Earth would hear you, what would you say?

If I had the entire world’s attention, for a minute, I would ask thought provoking questions: “Who do you belong to? Do you know where you’re going? Do you know who you are living for?”

If you were brand new to Connect Group what is one thing you would tell yourself?

I would tell myself that it is okay to feel uncomfortable because when you’re out of your comfort zone, it means your growing.

What led you to get involved in Connect Group and what made you stay?

I noticed that on Sunday’s my relationships weren’t as deep as those who met midweek, and this provoked me to join.

How has your life been impacted through Connect Groups?

It has changed my perspective of church. Usually people join church to clock their time with God. However, in Connect Groups, I had a sense of belonging and community, because I was able to develop deep and meaningful relationships.

Discuss how you have grown as a person because of Connect Groups?

I’ve grown because I am now able to step out and share what is on my heart with the group. I began seeing my value for the kingdom a toward friendship.

How do you see yourself helping others through connect group in the near future?

I think I can relate to people who are coming for the first time. I can be of support to them and help them feel welcomed.

In your own words describe the heart behind the ministry.

The heart of Connect Group is to build a strong community of believers who will stand together as one. I feel connect groups really create a web of connection, a lifeline, a link that intertwines our lives together to leave no man or woman behind.