What is your name and where are you from?

Hi, name is Marvin. I am from Compton, CA and I currently live in La Palma, CA.

Please describe your background

I joined the United States Navy at 17. I have traveled to Japan, Thailand, Guam, and the Philippines, while I was in the military. One of the most important things that happened while I was in the military was that I had an encounter with the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords. My life was transformed when I gave my life to Jesus. Ever since then I have not looked back. I currently work as a Real Estate Agent, and I have done so for more than 20 years. When I am not selling houses, you’ll find me in church making sure that everything runs smoothly as head of the usher team.

List one experience you’ve shared as a volunteer that started it all for you, or resonates with you the most.

Recently, a new member came to me and shared how I have impacted her and her husband’s life. She told me that whenever they come to City Harvest Church, that I make them feel like royalty in the way I serve them. I responded by saying that this is how we should represent the Kingdom of God, with a spirit of excellence.

If you had the entire world’s attention, and knew that every living person on Earth would hear you, what would you say?

I would say, get planted in the house of God. As you get planted and serve the people of God, they’ll experience His love, His presence, and His caring heart. There is no better reward than serving the King of Kings.

If you were brand new to volunteering what is one thing you would tell yourself?

I would say that when I’m serving, I am not doing this for men’s approval. I am doing this to make God happy and bringing glory to His name.

What led you to get involved with volunteering and what made you stay?

One of the reasons that I got involved in serving the house of God here at City Harvest Church is for my wife, Ale, and I to come alongside our Pastors Derek and Susan to help them build and advance the vision that God gave to them for City Harvest. Four years later we are still here partnering with them to help them do what God has called them to do here in Aliso Viejo.

How has your life been impacted through volunteering?

I was really impacted to have some of the members say thank you for all that you do for God, and for this house.

Discuss how you have grown as a person because of SERVING?

I’ve grown to be more discerning and sensitive to the heart of people.

How do you see yourself helping others as a volunteer in the near future?

I see myself helping others by encouraging them to volunteer. I can share and teach them about the importance of serving God, people of God, and His house.

In your own words describe the heart behind the ministry.

The heart behind why I serve is first and foremost is me wanting to please God and secondly I want people to know His love and that He is really interested in them because He loves them and cares for them so much. He wants to see their lives transformed.