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A New Generation Rising.

H-Gen is City Harvest Church’s youth ministry. Our vision for City Harvest Church is engraved into each one of our ministries. Similarly to our corporate vision, our vision for H-Gen youth is to raise up fervent disciples of Jesus Christ who love God, love people, and love life. It is our mission to build up a young generation to be influencers and leaders who are not afraid to share the gospel and embrace the Holy Spirit. At H-Gen youth we strive to empower this generation to be difference makers, world changers, and standard bearers for the kingdom of God. Our goal is to equip our youth to walk towards the destiny and purpose of all that God has in store for them.

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Welcome to H-Gen!

We are excited to welcome you into our ministry! We know that growing up in this generation is not easy, but let us encourage you by saying we serve an almighty God. Our vision for you is to help you become all that God designed you for. We know that in this lifetime you will come before trials and tribulations, but the word of God says “be of good cheer for I have overcome the world.” Your identity is in Jesus, and our prayer is that you can learn to walk by faith, to be bold, and unashamed.

We want to help you unlock the gifts that God has placed within you so you can be the salt and light in your generation. It is our desire to see true transformation take place, and to witness the power of God move in your life. We hope to meet you soon; and we hope you remember that God has created you with a purpose, God has called you to greatness, and God has crowned you with His glory. He loves you today and forevermore.



Youth Connect

We believe that no one is meant to do life alone. That is why Connect Groups are at the very core of our DNA. Every person should have the opportunity to build healthy and meaningful relationships in a fun, and relevant environment. In our youth connect group, you’ll be able to engage with other youth, develop deep and meaningful relationships, and connect with our youth leaders.

Youth connect is more than just a place to fellowship, it is a place of restoration, healing, and breakthrough. It is a space where you can be vulnerable without fear of judgement, where you can continuously grow in your walk with God, and surround yourself with other believers in your age group. In youth connect, you can expect opportunities for fellowship, powerful worship, and encouraging messages.

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“I didn’t really come to know God until I was 16 years old when I was in a student exchange program in Majorca, Spain. It was here that I began to have encounters with God. That season drew to a close and I felt God was calling me again but I didn’t really know what to do.”

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“I began to discover a new hunger for the Lord, and I began to connect with my leaders and friends who also attended youth camp. I was able to experience a new found freedom.”