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Harvest Kidz


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Children are a blessing from the Lord!

Harvest Kidz is the children’s ministry at City Harvest Church. In CHC, we place great importance on children. Jesus said, “Let the children come to me for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.” Our passion is to see children come and encounter Jesus at a young age through a fun and vibrant environment. Our prayer is that children will develop a deep love for God and a relationship with Him that will stay with them throughout adulthood.

*All of our volunteers have been background checked to ensure the safety of our children.


A word from Sarah

Harvest Kidz Director

Welcome to Harvest Kidz! When your children are here they are going to learn about God, and they’re going to have fun while doing so! We strive to have our classrooms be a fun, loving, and safe environment so that kids are cared for and nurtured. Through bible stories, music, and creative lessons, our desire is to help children grow in their knowledge of biblical truths, their love of God, and in their relationship with Jesus and others. We know that children develop in different stages, so we ensure that each child is surrounded by children in their own age group. We have classes for all ages! Our teachers have a deep passion to enrich the lives of our young children and are excited to play a part in your child’s journey. We hope to meet you soon and we are excited to welcome you and your child to our Harvest Kidz ministry.


Baby Dedications

Children are a blessing from the Lord. If you have made a commitment to raise your baby according to the word of God, we would love to pray a blessing over your bundle of joy! Click here to find out more!


Mothers Room

Our facility is equipped with a dedicated space for nursing mothers. We understand that with the addition of a new family member, comes a season of transition. We’d like to make it as easy as possible for mothers in this season of life to maintain their connection to God and the body of Christ.

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Join the Team

All of our Harvest Kidz volunteers have a passion to raise up the next generation and play a part in the destiny of each one of our children. Our teachers are high-energy, fun-loving, and strong in the word of God. Interested in serving with Harvest Kidz?

Harvest Kidz Age Groups

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Care Room

(0 months – 1 year)

In our care room, our priority is to provide nursery aged children with a safe and nurturing environment. Children will be able to interact with other kids and team members in order to establish confidence and security. It is our goal to create an atmosphere full of love, praise, worship, peace, and joy. Our team members also ensure that every child is prayed for as they begin their journey, not just in their development but also their journey towards destiny.

Parent info: Please bring your child with a diaper bag, change of clothes, soothing toys, and any necessary drinks or snacks. If your child has any allergies please be sure to inform our team members at the registration table.


Grow Room

(1-3 year olds)

In our Grow Room, our toddler age group will be able to participate in hands on biblical learning, praise and worship music, interactive bible stories and so much more! It is our desire that children in this age group begin to develop a love for the house of God, to understand who God is and how much He loves them, and to foster relationships with one another. Kids will not only be prayed for, but will also be encouraged to pray together and for one another.

Parent info: Please bring your child with a diaper bag, change of clothes, and any necessary drinks or snacks. If your child has any allergies please be sure to inform our team members at the registration table.

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Dream Room

(4-6 year olds)

In our Dream Room, pre-school and kindergarten aged children will join our older children for a large group praise and worship experience. In addition, children will continue learning about God through interactive bible lessons, games, skits, and crafts! Our goal for this age group is to instill godly values and encourage children to pray, to have faith, and to continuously develop their relationship with God.

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Vision Room

(7-11 year olds)

In our Vision Room, elementary aged children will participate in a large group praise and worship experience. Children in this age group will continue to deepen their understanding for the word of God through powerful interactive biblical teachings, group games, and skits. Our desire is to empower our children to be a light in schools, with their families, and with their peers. Our mission is to empower children to hear from God and flow through the Holy Spirit.


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“I remember learning about Noah and the Ark. This is my favorite story because God is funny, He cared enough to bring the animals on board. It taught me that helping others brings happiness.”

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“This ministry is about having fun, growing up, and learning about the Lord. As you are growing up you can help build others and make lifelong friends.”