The Power of an Invitation - Ps. Derek Dunn

The Power of an Invitation | Ps. Derek shared a very practical and powerful message about inviting people to church! Based on statistics, the rate of people inviting others to church is very low, however, when surveyed, people responded at a very high rate, that they would be open to coming to church if someone simply invited them. Will you make the difference and ask someone a simple question that has the potential to change their life forever — “Will you come to church with me this Sunday?”

Each One, Reach One - Ps. Derek Dunn

Each One, Reach One | Ps. Derek shared the profound effect that one person can have on another; it’s prevalent throughout all of Christian history! Just as the 12 disciples were formed through the ripple effect that comes from each one reaching one; we know that there is great potential when we take initiative and reach out to others to expand the Kingdom of God.

The End Time Move of God, PT. 2 - Ps. Derek Dunn

The End Time Move of God, PT. 2 | Pastor Derek shared the remaining two things that provoke a move of the Spirit; Revelation knowledge, unity, sacrifice, and hunger! We provoke a move of God with spiritual hunger and receive fresh vision, faith in God, and God’s blessings. We must invest in the movement to be a part of it in our church and generation!

The End Time Move of God, PT. 1 - Ps. Derek Dunn

The End Time Move of God, PT. 1 | We are a move!! Pastor Derek spoke about the “End Time Move Of God”! Through a remnant, people who would go through the fire and lay down their lives and personal agenda, will see a move of God in this generation! In the first part of his series, Pastor Derek helped us understand what is a move of God and how to provoke a move of God.

Consecration to Conquest - Ps. Robert Burbatt

Pastor Robert Burbatt released a breakthrough message about the Consecration to Conquest! God wants to bring us out of the old ways of doing and thinking to bring us into something new! God gives us a NEW paradigm of ministry and it is important to discern and move with the Spirit of God to go forward and into the new land He has called us to take!

Resolving Conflict - Pt. 4, Relationship Series - Ps. Troy and Annwen Marshall

Pastor Troy and Annwen Marshall delivered such a transformational message on resolving conflict! They continued on Pt. 4 of our Right Relationships series and expanded on the topic of trust through consistency, transparency, and honesty. Through communication and trust, it enables a healthy relationship with God, ourselves, and people!

The Role of Woman - Pt. 2, Relationship Series - Ps. Susan Dunn

Pastor Susan continued on part two of our Right Relationship series with, ‘The Woman: Her Roles and Destiny’. She shared about a woman’s destiny and roles to glorify God, to help the men, and to unite the family by giving us Hebrew context and testimonies on how powerful a women’s impact is with men, children, and ultimately the family and society!